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View Thread: Windows 8 and microsoft - One i hate the other i hate even more now - this is why
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    Mr Crash

    Oh look i found the forum. What is my reward ? (see ARM comments below)
    Windows 8:
    What i've seen i hate. (
    Because microsoft is focusing on the mobile platforms and is too cheap to have a separate branch for it they have forced users yet again to pay. This time with mobile bloat that for normal computer users will be awkward to use and have in their face.

    All i can say is: wtf, really!

    Most if not all normal _real_ computers do not have a molest screen and doing this with a mouse is just extra work ! Stop changing things that work god damn it !
    What happened with "a good user experience" bs you regurgitated when ever you opened your mouth ?

    • Is Windows 8 another vista (shorthorn) with a mobile twist ?
    • How much will these "features" eat up of my monthly internet bandwidth plan ?
    • Will w8 even able to function without an internet connection ?
    • I'm guessing these new "features" will increase the minimum system spec too. Kissing hardware manufacturers * again, more under the table deals ? Microsoft should have enough money to not have to resort to shady deals.
    • "We wanted to get really fast and fluid to get between your running apps". Uhm? Whats wrong with ATL+TAB or Win+TAB ? This animation crap will only make it slow down you idiots !
    • That start screen with bigger icons will become a scroll fetish. Do i even have to mention the performance penalties ? This is the start screen! Doing more is BAD. Haven't you learned anything from vista and w7 ? Like going back to windows xp or dare i say vista, having to wait above 5 minutes for all bloat / ego apps (java "quick start", adobe reader "quick start", etc..) to load before being able to do anything.

    What about this ARM thing: "Oh look it runs on ARM cpus! < awaits applause's >"
    They say it like it is hard to port it to ARM.

    (Fun game for the very bored: Count how many times microsoft employees say "ARM". The person that says it the most wins the kiss-* forehead stamp)

    My comment to this:
    Aw! was it hard ? Poor you, want a cookie ?

    Are microsoft programmers really that incompetent that they think its hard to port ?
    OR do you just not have enough news / features to show so you make a chicken out of a feather with the ARM port thing ?
    OR do you make a big deal out of it so you can ask for even more money for windows 7 ?
    Is my soul not enough for you ?

    Either way it's disgusting.
    If you don't have anything to show then wait until you have something to show !
    Is that so bloody hard ?

    Microsoft up with it's old tricks again, trying to pull crap like this.

    Should i give the EU lawyers a heads up already ?
    Microsoft definitely did NOT learn its lesson the first time.
    All the things in video #1 are just bloat. To put it short and simple.
    "We will continue to improve and increase the performance of windows" so that was yet another lie.
    All this crap is for mobile hardware, where is the stuff for the computer user ? 
    Well that was video #1. I dare you to release a video #2.
    As the less intelligent say:  Bring it "biatch"!
    I only tell it based on microsoft's actions. Don't whine to me, i'm just the interpreter !