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    Doctor Who

    , figuerres wrote


    why ?  is there a problem he has with IE10 ?  is there a web site he can not view in IE10 ?

    if we knew more we might have a way to fix the problem for him.

    From my son's point of view, there is a problem with IE10. There's a problem with IE9 for that matter, from his point of view. You see what he wants is to have between 40 and 50 or more tabs automatically open whenever he gets into IE. He's found that IE9 restricts the number of tabs he can have opened at once to something less than 40 (I think it is). Certainly IE10 restricts the number to something less than 40. I typically have 1 to 3 tabs open at once. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I might open up to about 10, but that's it, and that's not for long. My son, on the other hand, always has a boat load of tabs open in IE. IE8 gives him that flexibility.