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    Yes that part of the message is not clear to me either. What is the preferred framework to use for real desktop applications (non-Metro) going forward? As LCARSNxG mentions, WPF has hardly been improved, and as someone that has been doing a lot of WinForms applications for many years, but has done only minimal WPF applications, I'm wondering what I'm supposed to focus on for future projects. I must say I ended up not liking WPF that much - too many performance issues and it's just too over-engineered.

    While I like a lot of what I saw last week, I'm wondering whether turning everything that isn't a Metro app into "legacy" is a good idea. Are all businesses going to be running legacy applications 5 years from now? And is the heavy duty "professional" music application I use that can never work as a Metro app now suddenly going to become a legacy application as well?

    I watched the keynote but didn't watch every other session, so maybe I just missed something. Very possible.