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    From what I have seen, WinRT is only for Metro apps. It seems that Microsoft has a new favorite child and they are talking all about Metro. Metro apps are great and all but their message is confusing outside of Metro.

    1. Is WPF now the recommended technology for normal desktop apps? They barely mentioned desktop apps at build. WPF was mentioned a few times. WinForms was nowhere to be found.
    2. If WPF is now the best way to write normal desktop apps, why haven't they improved it much? They did have a few slides mentioning some improvements that were made but WPF didn't seem very important.
    3. What about Silverlight? They have been beating the HTML5 drum for a while now, so people assumed that Silverlight is dead and HTML5 should be used for cross platform LOB apps. But all of their tooling improvements are for Metro HTML5 apps only. Expression Blend doesn't do HTML5 for websites. It only does HTML5 for native windows Metro apps. If HTML5 is the future of cross platform LOB apps on the web, where is the designer tooling to enable these scenarios?