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Windows 8: fix e-mail notifications?

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    Has anyone figured out how to get e-mail notifications to work on Windows 8?    

    Specifically I changed my HotMail account to an account, and now 90% of my e-mail arrives in a sub-folder called instead of the inbox - but notifications aren't generated from the e-mail/app unless mail arrives specifically into the inbox for some inane reason.   

    So I either need to fix notifications so they actually work no matter where the e-mail arrives to (optimal solution) or I need to stop e-mail going to the sub-folder named after my old e-mail address (and instead go into the Inbox).    

    Without notifications it is a pretty useless e-mail app...    

    PS - I found a bug in Windows 8: a big one. The thread which loads your StartUp programs can be frozen by one of them malfunctioning. I had the iTunes process in the Startup list and it was freezing because the DVD could not be read. This caused Windows to literally not load any other of the processes in the list (e.g. Steam, Skype, etc).   

    The second I remove the DVD or insert a different one iTunes unfreezes and Windows loads all of the other programs in the Startup list.  


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    @ManipUni: The built-in Mail app is pretty worthless.

    The other bug sounds like a big one. I haven't noticed it myself, but I don't use iTunes.

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