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View Thread: Windows 8 flops, and Microsoft are to blame
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    I know this is sort of random for me to throw out here, but I finally purchased Windows 8 for my desktop a few days ago, and I've really, really enjoyed it.  The only gripe I have is a minor cosmetic one: I'm not sure how to change (or if I can change) the font color of the title bar on my windows to be a lighter color instead of black.

    Other than that, everything I've done has felt intuitive and straightforward.  It boots up super fast, and I don't have an SSD so that's saying something these days.  The store behaves as I would expect it to, and the search functionality from the "Start" screen is crazy fast and gives me what I expect.  I'm a fan Smiley

    The funny thing is I was going into the purchase with no small amount of dread at what it would be like and how much I was going to have to figure out and re-learn.