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View Thread: Windows 8 flops, and Microsoft are to blame
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    @Charles Frankly, for me as a LOB Developer I fell Microsoft does not care about the Enterprise anymore.

    I understand the need to attract more developers with JavaScript but personally I don't care about that, I care about the missing setup projects in VS2012, that there is no ISO's to download the software updates (the layout switch is laughable where there are connection issues) , that WebPI is in version 4 and the offline story is a joke, that making TFS and Nuget work together offline is a hassle.

    You get the idea, where are a Gov agency where all our servers are behind a firewall with no Internet connection, every time it gets a little harder to try the new shiny things.

    tldr: I feel that Ms is giving me the middle finger while is trying to get more people to build Metro Apps.