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View Thread: Windows 8 flops, and Microsoft are to blame
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    , Ray7 wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums: So what do you think they should do?

    I've written this dozens of times here already. Stop forcing metro down the throats. It needs to be optional. (include a dedicated switch-to-metro button and add the start menu back).

    Would it have been optional (and windowed), people (and businesses) would be far more willing to upgrade to W8, giving MS a foothold with the metro apps. Instead of making metro aggressively mandatory, they should have spent more time creating truly useful metro apps at start. People would try that environment then freely (word of mouth) and the OS would have a far better "Karma" around it. Quite many people try android apps through Bluestacks, and you need to install it separately.

    With the current aggressive strategy towards their own customers instead, MS is creating lots of enemies who will boycott anything metro (and possibly MS).

    Quote from another forum: By making Metro optional and/or second class, it would have organically fostered an environment where application developers could either target a theoretically larger audience of desktop, tablet, and phone, or to stick with the classic desktop model. If what Microsoft offered was any good, there would be a gradual shift from the old way to the new.

    Microsoft's brutal method that they have chosen just doesn't work. They had zero sensibilities. Even the naming reflects this: Calling the desktop "just an app" and renaming metro to "modern" is already hugely insulting to all the people who bought and invested into your previous products and ecosystem.

    Microsoft has made its bread and butter being a user-oriented company. Even in its heyday of DoJ litigation, the charges were that Microsoft went against the interests of OEMs and other software companies, not its customers. This current Microsoft is deliberately going against its established customer base, which makes it even worse than the Netscape crushing version of the 90s.

    Also, read this: