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View Thread: Windows 8 flops, and Microsoft are to blame
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    I gave my mom and stepfather a tour of the Surface RT and Windows 8 last night after reading through this thread. I just hand it over and let them play with it. They both absolutely love it and both want one. But they had never even heard about it! Both of them have been shopping for new computers recently, and not once have they seen it in the wild, or have even heard it mentioned by salespeople in stores. I showed them a couple commercials - never saw them. They loved everything about it, and I explained the differences between RT and Pro, and it wasn't confusing to them once I explained the processor difference etc.... They also believe that older - 60+ - users like themselves would love the Surface and other touch based devices because they are more intuitive, and that the Surface RT was "beautiful", "amazing", "solid, well made", loved the keyboard and magnetic connections etc.... Contrasted with work, where we just got a new batch of laptops with Windows 8, no touch support ... everyone bitched about it. They all expect that they can just use the new Windows OS without any introduction, and won't even take 5 minutes to learn the basics of the UI.