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Windows 8 journalist shills

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    In an absolute first, the BBC finally have an article that is impartial to Windows. Rory Cellan-Jones presents most of the Windows related news, and irritates the hell out of me. As a journalist, he is an Apple FANBOI with a capital F. He reminds me of reading another journalist on the other side of the pond called Aiden or Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. I have never read anything by him that isn't anti-Microsoft.

    I have never seem an interview with him where he is genuinely excited about Microsoft products as his delivery is usually thus;

    Today Microsoft released x, y, z, and moving on. Look at this! Oh my golly gosh! I am beside myself with palpitations and joy practically micturating myself! Apple have released an iPhone 4S. This is definitely the biggest technology release of the year, with people expected to be queuing outside shops for days (including some close colleagues - a euphemism for I)........................ten minutes later he is still  coming over all unnecessary, and waxing all lyrical.

    I must however say that only the Surface looks to be capable of competing with the iPad, some of these hardware manufacturers are still in the dark ages, I think Samsung, HTC and Nokia really need to start looking at creating tablets. Look at the Dell, it is like comparing a modern smartphone  so something a yuppie would use.

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    I don't understand what the topic of this thread has to do with the content. As for journalists, I don't really care what products they like or don't like, I'd settle for more substance vs. linkbait, and more looking out for your readers' interests vs. obsessing over the business wars between companies, sort of reminds me of "horse race" obsessed political reporting vs. reporting on issues as they affect people.

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    , contextfree` wrote

    As for journalists, I don't really care what products they like or don't like, I'd settle for more substance vs. linkbait ...

    People tend to be far less discerning about their information sources, when they are not experts on the subject.

    Tech journalists tend (by and large) to function on the principle of knowing just a bit more than the average punter, and not on being an actual expert on the subject... as this is enough to secure them the majority of their potential readership.

    What appears to regulars of C9 as utter tripe, is all to often swallowed as gospel by the general public. 

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