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    ,vesuvius wrote

    I have not read through the comments yet, but recalcitrance from the majority of developers will be that they are now spending all their resources in this new platform i.e. WPF and silverlight are now no longer a priority yet they are still buggy and unfinished. Why should I invest more in a company that changes direction so often? Unless investment continues with significant commitments in WPF and silverlight, Sifnosky has failed to grasp the precipice that Microsoft are standing on.

    Vesuvius, if you allow me to play devil's advocate.  Here's is Fake Steve Sinofsky talking:


    Now some have said, what about everyone who invested in WPF/Silverlight apps?  My response is, well, what have you done?  Name a handful of interesting WPF apps.  Name a handful of Silverlight apps of interest.  I can name one, Netflix.  For all the talk of a great dev experience the iPhone and iPad have eaten our dev ecosystem.  The apps people want today are written in HTML/JS and Objective-C. 

    The current crop of developers on the MS platform are the best enterprise devs in the world.  We'll continue to support them with our current tooling.  But really our dev ecosystem hasn't churned out high quality apps.  You can say that maybe what we're doing here isn't the right thing, but neither is continuing what we were doing, but hoping for different results.  Our app ecosystem speaks for itself.  It's shoddy. 


    I'm a WPF/SL dev by day myself.  I'm probably one of the few people that learned WPF before HTML/JS.  But I've actually found HTML/JS pretty simple.  Layout is a pain, but hopefully flexbox and grids will fix that.  All in all, I don't mind writing HTML/JS.  And JS compilers seem to be progressing a lot faster than the CLR JIT.