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View Thread: Windows 8 tablets accounted for 7.4 percent of tablet shipments last quarter
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    @Proton2: Meh.  The only way tablets will die in 5 years is if they stagnate... which could happen, if there was only one player in the market.

    If Apple has no competition by that point, we won't see much innovation, and perhaps tablets will die out.  I think Microsoft has a chance to partner with Intel and help deliver a real market competitor to the iPad.

    Failing that, Android is the only realistic possibility out there now, and as an early adopter of the Xoom, I just can't find a good reason to believe Android will ever come to properly focus on tablets.

    I'm still a bit excited about the Ubuntu tablets (  Ubuntu has never really given me confidence that it will ever be a household brand, but I feel that their multimodal app mechanism could really prove to be a better approach to an app ecosystem than either Apple or Microsoft has managed.  If only they could find a means to market it.