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View Thread: Windows 8.1 Preview arrives
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    , SteveRichter wrote

    The PDF viewer has a print button now ( which highlights the question of why was it not there in the 8.0 viewer. Who made that UI decision? ). 

    But still, why do I have to use the metro PDF viewer at all?  I don't see how to view multiple PDFs in the desktop.  I can right click in the PDF viewer and navigate to multiple PDF documents. But alt-tab from the desktop only lets me navigate to the current PDF I have open.

    And things like navigating from the PDF table of contents are harder to do. Search does not remember what I searched on before. And would be nice if I could use booleans in a search.

    Can I go to the windows store and purchase a 3rd party desktop PDF viewer?

    Well you would just use Adobe Reader for the desktop if you need that, but agreed - when I heard that Windows8 finally included a built-in PDF reader I said exactly that - FINALLY.

    Then it turned out to be full-screen only tablet oriented reader.  :facepalm:  There's some value there, and I like how smooth/fast it is, but I don't need my PDF's full-screen.  I thought Win8 would relieve us of the horrible Reader desktop app from Adobe, so this was particularly grating.

    And the viewable print button? Of course, as many have been saying for a while.  Sticking everything on the charms bar is just not discoverable, which is why you're seeing more functions that used to be its property migrate to the app bar, or like the search field, always visible.  I was saying this since the developer preview.