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View Thread: Windows 8.1 RTM delayed for MSDN/Technet Subscribers?
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    , bondsbw wrote

    @spivonious: Yes.  I think our company purchased it this way through a vendor.

    Microsoft is obviously quickening their release pace.  At the same time, the differences between versions is shrinking to almost the service pack level (most notably the small jump from .NET 4.5 to 4.5.1).

    So, it would make sense that this be considered a "minor upgrade" and priced accordingly, or even free for purchasers of VS 2012.  (Like the Win 8 -> 8.1 upgrade)

    I agree, but MS is also moving to subscription-based sales (Office 365, Azure, etc.). It wouldn't surprise me if they stopped selling VS2013 at retail. We all have MSDN Pro subscriptions at work. It is very nice to go out and grab the latest versions of everything as soon as they're released.