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Windows 8.1 looks interesting

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    Stuff currently open:

    1. Outlook
    2. Chrome (11 tabs)
    3. UltraEdit
    4. OneNote
    5. Project
    6. Communicator
    7. Excel
    8. Powershell
    9. Remote Desktop


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    1. IE
    2. Chrome *
    3. FF
    4. Explorer *
    5. CMD
    6. Powershell
    7. IIS
    8. GIT Bash
    9. Notepad *
    10. VS2012 *
    11. VirtualBox
    12. Remote Desktop
    13. Fiddler
    14. SQL Management Studio *
    15. Lync *
    16. Telerik WPF Demos


    EDIT: * to follow kettch's convention.

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    Ok, stuff currently pinned (* indicates running)

    1. Notepad *
    2. Snipping Tool
    3. Powershell
    5. Calculator,
    6. Send To OneNote
    7. IE (14 tabs) *
    8. Explorer (3) *
    9. Outlook *
    10. Excel (2) *
    11. Word (4) *
    12. OneNote *
    13. PowerPoint
    14. Laserfiche Client (4) *
    15. LF Admin Console *
    16. LF Workflow *
    17. LF Workflow Admin Console
    18. LF Quick Fields Console
    19. RDP (2) *
    20. SSMS 2012
    21. SS Config Manager
    22. IIS Manager
    23. AD Users and Computers
    24. LINQPad *
    25. SQL 2012 BIDS
    26. VS2012 (2) *

    And yes, I'm bumping up against memory limitations at 8GB.

    What's sad is that this list looks mostly like my configuration at home, and I don't work from home.

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    These are running pretty much 100% of the time:

    1. IE10--at least 2 instances (one instance "in private", logged in with different Microsoft account) with multiple tabs each
    2. Outlook 2013
    3. Visual Studio 2012
    4. NotePad++
    5. SkyDrive desktop

    These are running constantly for days at a time when the need arises:

    1. SQL Server Management Studio 2012
    2. IIS8
    3. TableXplorer
    4. CloudXplorer
    5. Hyper-V Manager
    6. RDP
    7. Fiddler2
    8. Eclipse

    I use these fairly frequently for short periods at a time:

    1. Paint.NET
    2. Media Player Classic
    3. Zune Desktop
    4. Windows Phone metro app
    5. 7-Zip
    6. Snipping Tool (for most screenshots)
    7. IrfanView (when I need the mouse cursor as part of the screenshot)
    8. TortoiseSVN
    9. WinMerge
    10. Excel
    11. Word
    12. Command Prompt

    I use these occasionally for short periods of time:

    1. TortoiseHg
    2. GitHub for Windows
    3. FileZilla
    4. Publisher
    5. PowerShell
    6. PuTTY
    7. Lync 2013
    8. VLC Media Player

    I used to have a 70/30 split time between Chrome and IE, but ever since I started logging in to my primary machine using a new user profile, I haven't bothered reinstalling Chrome, which I found out installs to your user folder instead of "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)", oddly enough. I haven't really missed Chrome at all to tell you the truth.

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    In case anyone missed it:

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    Installing 8.1 preview means you will need to re-install apps when upgrading to 8.1 RTM.

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    @Ian2:Thanks for the share.

    This video makes me feel like they are getting it right.  If they could "restrict" the start screen/desktop transition just a tad then it could be less jarring.  I know that sounds nuts, putting the breaks on an action, but if you would slow it down to 1/2 speed most people wouldn't be freaked out by it. Maybe a toggle feature from the control panel could turn it off/on.  On by default, off for power users.

    Else:  Telemetry is just one tool, and although it's important, it's useless without context.  I really believe bringing back real beta testers is the only way to solve this.  They are the only one's that can give context, especially if you include the it community in those tests.

    The current beta-testing system is broken. 

    It's going to be hard to create a great system for taking feedback and telemetry together, but without that system, everyone is operating in the dark.  Feedback with telemetry could open insights.  Feedback could say, "Hey, this person is doing this action because that's all they know." as compared to "No one uses this."  Instead of focusing on discovery, the option is to get rid of a feature or option instead of making the feature more democratic.

    Including IT admins in the process would help, but you would have to find the right admins and be willing to listen to them.  There are some admins that hate all change, but there are others looking to improve.  Filter and find the experts that are looking to improve, question them, listen to them, and even if you don't decide to follow their suggestions, come up with a damn good reason besides telemetry.  Share with them your thoughts, and honestly listen to theirs.

    If you don't, then you can be guaranteed they will never deploy your product.  Never.

    You have to realize the real gatekeepers in the enterprise, and they are not consumers, they are IT directors and admins.  Until you can win them, you will lose.

    That being said, there will always be the admins that hate everything new, because it means more work learning for them.  Those jokers you can ignore completely, but those that embrace the Microsoft way, are diehard Microsoft users, and diehard believers in the Microsoft stack, you better listen to them and take what they say to heart.

    There was a lot of noise with Vista, but those of us that kept up knew exactly where we stood.  Vista was a new paradigm, and you either got on board or not.   For me, I pushed and pulled the organization I was with to start thinking about ALM.  I pointed out benefits vs. detractions.   I insisted on focusing the organization into thinking about these things.

    With Win8?  The brick wall that was put up where they stuck their fingers in their ears and said "I can't hear you, the telemetry says you are wrong."  That put a sour taste in my mouth.

    It did the same with most pro MS admins.

    Win 8.1 looks like they are hearing us at last, and I am grateful.  The work, the overtime, and the blood/sweat/tears that have went into this release is appreciated.

    Thank You.  Thank you for all the hard work that has been done.

    Now a suggestion.  Let's work together, let's build this further, and let this be a partnership between the users/developers/admins to make the best product possible.  Let's have the two way conversation again that was the founding principle of C9. 

    Don't ignore your friends, but listen to them, take their complaints and advice into account.  Most of us here want MS to succeed.  We have invested in you, would it hurt to listen to some of us.

    And for the constant detractors, if you have to criticize, then offer an alternative solution to the things you criticize.  Don't just B' and Moan.  Be constructive.  Live the spirit of C9.  Make it two-way again, and maybe we can get back on track.

    Sorry about the rant, but it needed to be said.

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    As a developer of Windows 8 Apps I am now in the habit of providing a different UI experience for the different views available (snapped, portrait etc.)  I kind of made an assumption that at some stage these views will simply be augmented to include a 'phone view', so that a single code base can target Tablets, Desktops and Phones.  (Not sure if that is actually the plan or not?)

    BTW I love the new features outlined in the video.

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    @Ian2: Thanks for posting that. Favorite things mentioned are desktop background on the start screen and the ability to have four apps open at once if your screen is large enough.

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    Hmm, I might as well join the club and leak confidential company information in the process:

    On my desktop in the office:

    • Classic Shell start button (I'm using an older build of Windows that lacks the official start-button).
    • Internet Explorer
    • Chrome (open)
    • File Explorer
    • Task Manager
    • Lync 2013 (open)
    • Excel 2013
    • Outlook 2013 (open)
    • Word 2013
    • Notepad
    • Paint
    • Calculator (open)
    • Source-tree command prompt for Main branch
    • Source-tree command prompt for Preview branch
    • Visual Studio 2013 (open)
    • Skype (open)
    • Expression Blend 2013 (open)
    • .NET Reflector 6: Secret internal "no activation required" edition (open)
    • TestCentral, our test management program (open)

    It's a similar loadout on my company laptop, but without the Source-tree prompts and Test Central.

    There are a couple of programs I have on my Start screen but not my Taskbar because I only use them a couple of days in a week.

    I wish we had a site-license for Photoshop Sad

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    @spivonious:The cloud photo option looks good as well.

    I hope at some stage to see 'large notifications' across the board EG so that I can see the Weather forecast from across the room (this is something I enjoyed about the Touchpad)

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    I think that MS are creating a potential disaster with the 8.1 preview being available through the Windows store and Windows Update, as it will encourage the average user to try it on their running system, only to find they need to re-install all their apps when the RTM version comes out.

    You can bet anything you like that no-one will read the conditions, and then there will be much screaming and gnashing of teeth as people need to find disks, serials, keys, activation, etc.

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    @elmer: Ideally they'd make you go to a separate site and sign up like any other preview before it would show up in the Store. That would raise the bar a bit and ensure that there weren't a lot of random folks stumbling into what you describe. Any IT folk who are caught by that deserve what they get.

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    , elmer wrote

    I think that MS are creating a potential disaster with the 8.1 preview being available through the Windows store and Windows Update, as it will encourage the average user to try it on their running system, only to find they need to re-install all their apps when the RTM version comes out.

    You can bet anything you like that no-one will read the conditions, and then there will be much screaming and gnashing of teeth as people need to find disks, serials, keys, activation, etc.

    I'll bet that there's a GPO to stop it appearing.

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    Anyone know if 8.1 allows you to pin apps to multiple monitors instead of all of them pinning to your primary? 

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    @Kental2: That's a good question. I'm also wondering if 4 apps is the max. There's always something like this.

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    @kettch: are you talking about 'snapping' (instead of pinning) ?? if so, then 4 is definitively not the max.

    Rafael Rivera has tried this!904&sff=1&authkey=!ABwHThjeyRT_rGU

    I think the only limit there is a minimal width for a single app.

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    @felix9: Awesome! Just last night I was wishing that I could put three Metro apps on the screen at once. This update can't be released soon enough.

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