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View Thread: Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace
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    , wkempf wrote

    Microsoft wouldn't be concerned about numbers from this source

    Yet they have no problems using the same statistics (NetApplications) when it suits them.

    The complete December stats include post Christmas. W8 is doing worse in the hyper-commercial October-December release timeframe than Vista did in the calm January-March timeframe.

    Has the number of computers on the web changed since Vista's launch (for example, is the number of people using a browser on a phone/tablet different now to in 2006?) 2.2% of 1000 is 22, but 1.2% of a million is 12000.

    W8 was released in October 26 while Vista was released for the general customers in January 30 2007. Well after the black friday and Christmas seasons, and it was also far more expensive than Windows 8. W8 had also substantially more marketing. If it would have been any good, it should have rocked the sales with all this variables going for it. Yet it's doing just terrible. Far worse than Vista. The "lots of PCs" argument should have even out with these variables, yet this didn't happen.

    There were also far more PCs on W7's release compared to Vista's, yet Win7 was able to overtake Vista's pace with ease within the first weeks.

    Maybe it's because W8 itself is the problem, huh? It's great how everyone is at fault except the guy with the bloody fingers beside the corpse.

    Stats are bad because this:

    Generic Forum Image


    Is thrown out of the windows with that:

    Generic Forum Image


    Generic Forum Image

    Stupid. Just mind boggingly stupid. No one can score with products like these. How do you even make a competetive product based on the W8 design principles? You're pretty much forced to slap touch on products that are absolutely not suited for it (except as a gimmick use for a few minutes per month). It's like using a remote control as toothbrush: Nice party gag, but no one would be mad enough to sell remote controls as toothbrushes in stores. Yet MS is exactly demanding this from their OEMs and the UI is optimized for that.