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View Thread: Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace
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     And finally Win7 removed all the duplication to finally end the duplication mess. it will take MS much longer to clean win8 up because there are even more redundancy and it also takes a long time to mature those rushed metro apps.

    Yeah, that's what really gets me - Win7 was MS's best effort to create a polished OS, so many legacy items were updated or just removed, it was MS's "cleanest" OS to date IMO and their best effort to have the OS at least appear like it was designed by a single team.

    And then with Win8, they take a huge step backwards in this respect.  Metro control panels to control desktop functions, bizarre flat-but-with-3d-icons desktop theme, backup systems all over the place (I mean, thanks for keeping image backup - but then sticking it in another app called "Windows 7 File Recovery" - huh?), search that doesn't search mail from desktop apps and is full-screen only, major functions spread out over hot corners, etc.  It's just like a complete 180 from how Win7 appeared to be put together in terms of fit and finish.

    I don't see how they can possibly fix all the elements by "Blue" if it's to come late this year, or even if they plan to.  Hope I'm proven wrong.  The move to yearly (or near-yearly) updates is promising, but that depends on the severity of changes, pricing, update mechanisms, etc.