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View Thread: Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace
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    @elmer:It's too bad a perfectly good modern OS has been messed up so bad with an interface that's just not appropriate for mouse and trackpad users (but fine with a tablet).
    I wish we could find out who is responsible for this. It just seems like such a stubborn move to not give us the option to switch the UI to something more like Win7 if we're not using a touchscreen.

    The people who keep saying that it's just that users are afraid of new things must be living in the same reality distortion field as the Windows Division.

    This is different than Vista because Vista was perfectly usable to anyone wno knows how to use Windows but had some technical problems that needed to be fixed.
    The techy "behind the scenes" things that the average user has no clue about in Win8 seem solid and just as good as Win7, it's just the usability problems that are aggravating.

    The sales people at Staples just can't bring themselves to display anything running Win8 or recomend one to people. That's a BIG problem.