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View Thread: Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace
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    Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised it is not as good as Vista. The OS is messy. There are 7 different ways to backup and they are all over the places, some are even hidden by default. it is the same back in the Vista days, in regards to confusion. Outlook Express vs Live Mail, Movie Maker vs Live Movie Maker, WMP Photo vs Live Photo Gallery. In win8, we have Skypes, Mail, Media Player Player, IE in both desktop and metro. It is not matter of choice when we are in the uncertainty which is going to be deprecated. Not to mention the metro counterpart is often less useful due to full screen and extra slowness. it took MS a long time to clean up the duplication mess and finally have OEM bundle windows live essential to have the appropriate experience. And finally Win7 removed all the duplication to finally end the duplication mess. it will take MS much longer to clean win8 up because there are even more redundancy and it also takes a long time to mature those rushed metro apps.