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View Thread: Windows Blue gets a new Kernel
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    @evildictaitor: of course not, but generally speaking, V.Current SP1 and V.Next are totally different beasts, and generally Microsoft should be working on BOTH after (or before) V.Current is released.

    In this case, we didn't know what the nature of 'Blue' really is, is it more like V.Current SP1 ? or more like V.Next ? In fact, we had seen references to Blue AND "Windows 9", and we had heard that Blue is coming very soon, while "Windows 9" is completely mystery, so the common guess is, 'Blue' should be a minor update like V.Current SP1, which brings minor fixes and subtle new features, while "Windows 9" could be the real major update like 'V.Next', where big changes could happen.

    With this kernel version changing news, now we know that 'Blue' can't be a V.Current SP1, which generally wont update Major/Minor version number, only build number (by convention the low bytes of build number), so the news is really saying: "Blue" is quite 'major', not the 'minor' one we thought it was before.

    That leaves "Windows 9" in mystery though, is it just another name of Blue ? or is it the thing after Blue ? if Blue is quite 'major', then what about 9 ? is it like 'tick-tock' or what ?