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View Thread: Windows Blue should bring back the DVD codecs
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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    And that's without added to that the over-the-top Microsoft protectionism you're adding to the discussion.

    I'm not interested that Microsoft makes mistakes. I'm interested why they make mistakes. That is why I am much more interested in asking "what is the thought process that led to this action" than just pointing at their mistakes and saying "Hah! Microsoft is going to die!"

    I never said on this thread that Microsoft should all be giving themselves a pat on the back for removing the codecs, or that putting them back in is impossible. I just want to get this into your head: Every Change Has Consequences. This is true at Microsoft and it's also true everywhere else.

    If Microsoft puts codecs back into Windows, they will make their money back another way. And in business you make money by either charging more or by cutting costs.

    So it is utterly inconsistent to ask for expensive codecs to be added in on the one thread, complain that unused Microsoft features get dropped on another, and also then complain that Microsoft products are too expensive.

    Something has to give. You can't have all of those things.

    If you bothered to think about seeing the world from Microsoft's perspective, you'd realize that you can get them to do stuff that you want them to do by phrasing your requests as a win-win.

    I'm not "being a Microsoft protectionist". I'm trying to see the world as Microsoft sees it so I can understand their decisions better so I can plan for them, or intercept changes that I don't like coming by arguing it "in Microsoft-speak" before it happens.

    I'm sorry if that seems like a protectionist to you. But it's certainly more useful and more constructive than just stamping my feet and shouting "NO! MICROSOFT IS ALWAYS WRONG BECAUSE THEY ARE EVIL AND THEIR PRODUCTS SUCK" like some people on C9 of late.