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Windows Phone 7 Problem?

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    Do you not feel that there is something wrong with the name Windows Phone 7? I think it is

    1. Too wordy, against iPhone or Android
    2. Nothing to do with Windows - more Tiles - should be prefixed with Microsoft like Visual Studio
    3. Yes it has brand recognition, but it ain't cool, kids in the playground are not going to talk about Windows blah blah blah
    4. Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 sound terrible, numbers date the product, best to have a name that stays

    The fix for me is quite a simple one. Call it Microsoft Mango - or Windows Mango if Marketing have the heebie-jeebies. Mango is such a cool name, and I can see kids in playgrounds and adults alike in bars talking about their "Mangos". Even Salesmen have their work cut out trying to sell anything called Mango.

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    "Mango" is good for me - and lets think just how much free marketing changing the name will now will get Microsoft (perhaps more than the cost of making the change?).

    In reality maybe thay should call it  "Windows Phone Mango" - that way the existing stuff is OK and everyone will just call it 'Mango' anyway?

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    When my phone starts, from a reboot, is says Windows Phone. It doesn't say 7 at all.

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    @Proton2: When Windows restarts it says "Starting Windows"  - if memory serves me well - not Windows XP or Windows 7.

    With the exception of Windows 7, people often refer to XP or Vista for the OS. with the phone you have CE and things like 6.5 that kids and grannies and the general public dislike.

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    @ Vesuvius I don't see how its 'wordy' compare it to iphone and android but forget its not iphone but iphone 4 or 3 or 3gs etc all of which I'm sure you don't consider 'wordy'. And also what about android 2.3 honeycomb or other such android versions? Not too wordy to you? Its not the windows phone 7...its just windows phone. The 7 or 7.5 just shows the current version. If there's anything I find strange, it why its '7' when it has next to nothing to do with windows mobile 6.5. Talking about how the name is not cool...well some people (and I suspect you are one of them) will always find something to complain about, especially if its from microsoft - with an interface as clean as it is and a nice name and logo, you still hear people complain about the zune software

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    @alztruli: I complain because I care, and am approaching a decade in investing my life as a Windows Developer, I don't want to become obsolete. Being a fanboy for everything Microsoft does is fine if you are a blind consumer, I make a living from this.

    In all the examples you have noted there are none where the "object" can just be referred to in one word or a few syllables. I have just typed and into the my web browser. Guess where they took me?

    This is not a UI debate, simply a branding one, whilst it is a nice name, it is not excellent, nor is it short or catchy.

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    @ Vesuvius: I'm not a blind customer...I don't even own a windows phone (though I intend to when mango comes out). I can understand your concern but I still believe you're being unnecessarily harsh. MS has got an uphill task in the mobile 'wars' but I'm quite sure they won't win just by changing the name. I'm quite sure even you did not see anything so special about the name 'android' until their sales started going through the roof! Apple do have an edge by naming everything 'i' this or 'i' that, but its not the name that sells...its the brand. MS has got some image clean up to do but I still think if they didn't let everyone know it was a microsoft (or windows) phone, they'll be doing themselves more harm than good (sort of like the zune player...a lot of people don't - or didn't - know its got anything to do with microsoft). I think microsoft has got an impressive product in the windows phone...what they need to do is focus aggresively on marketing so everyone realises this too. Then even you won't think windows phone 7 is too 'wordy'

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    You are totally spot on. Who ever is in charge of branding, naming, etc. (or signing off on thereof) for Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves. Even Scott Hanselman wrote a recent blog about Microsoft version naming/numbering being bad.

    The Zune name was great but it was a fail because Microsoft was late to the party and positioned it as an "also ran" along side the already entrenched iPod.

    But alas I'm afraid it's the same idiots at Microsoft that can't see beyond the days of Windows and Office will continue beating the Windows everywhere stratgy no matter how much of a fail it is:

    Microsoft: Yes we crammed Windows on an ARM phone, whohoo! Now you can run Office on your phone! Let's call is Windows Office Phone Mobile 2012. The double brand recognition will be a win-win!

    World 1: Windows whaaa? I want an iPhone. It's cool.


    World 2: GD this thing is bloated and slow! Office on by 5 inch megascreen with pixcells++ still is unusable (just like on my old WnMo phone)...

    By the time they get something decent out for a Windows 8 phone and tablet they will have lost the old "Enterprise users don't want a toy. They will always stick with Microsoft's superior, enterprise friendly solutions." argument because business will have moved on to Android or iOS devices.

    I used to be a Microsoft fanboy but the writing is on the wall...

    If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
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    @alztruli:You being "sure" is based on incorrect assumptions.

    I have had an Android phone for over a year, long before hysteria set in, and sales started going through the roof, and speaking of sales XBox has no Microsoft branding but is unbeatable

    Zune was tied to hardware intially, that was never released outside the US, so is it a wonder nobody knows anything about it?

    Mango and Zune are excellent, but iPhone, iPod and iTunes came first, even Google realised why they needed device software. Mango could be available for tablets today had it been written in Silverlight (I really wish it had), the battle now is more about time to market, otherwise you are bolting stable doors after horses have bolted.

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    @vesuvius: I think we were supposed to refer to it as just Windows Phone after mango comes out, not Windows Phone 7. But yes, I's too long. It's really awkward telling people that I have a "Windows Phone". WinPhone would be cooler. You'll feel like you're Winning.

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    Maddus Mattus

    At least it's shorter then;

    Microsoft Office Word 2011 Enterprise Edition

    I agree, it's too wordy, but that's Microsoft for ya. Part of me doesnt want the phone to be hip, because then I would have to buy a different one,..

    Phone7 sounds fine for me,..

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    @ Vesuvius: I guess that would mean that you believe your own 'assumptions' to be facts. In the end an assuption is just that - an assumption. All you have said is just your opinion...don't assume they are facts. The main reason why anyone would've bought an android long before it exploded are probably because 1) they couldn't afford an iphone 2) they don't like the apple 'hype' and wanted to try something else 3) they like google or more precisely they liked the fact that it is open source (which I very much doubt because most consumers don't even have an idea or care what that means). Even if you didn't get the phone for any of these reasons, I am very sure you didn't get one because you thought the name was catchy. I do basically agree with your views about the zune player but I still think MS were trying to distance the microsoft (or windows) brand from it...I mean look at the zune desktop software - there's nothing to show its a microsoft product. The Xbox is not the same though, everyone always knew it was a microsoft product...its not like phones where you have dozens of manufacturers with many operating on different OSes so the average customer might get confused, every games console around now is known by the manufacturers name: nintendo wii, sony playstation and ofcourse 'microsoft' Xbox. And microsoft didn't get to their position with the Xbox because they were 'cool' - a few years ago it would have been almost unimaginable that anyone could challenge the playstation...MS did it by keeping the faith - if you're doing the right thing people will see that sooner or later. I believe that is the same strategy they should use with their phones. They are not goin to overtake apple by being has already got 'cool' locked down, that's why they have to do it by substance (while trying to be cool ofcourse). Also, while I think it would be nice to see a tablet version of the windows phone, there is something I do suspect...and that is (like the ipod) I don't think there is so much a tablet market now as there is an ipad market (or an ipod market then - music players have been around long before the ipod). If some other company had created the ipad as it is now I doubt they would have had as much success and I believe that's why all these other tablets, even when they go on about having more features do not have anywhere near as much success. Still it would be foolish for MS not to go into that market but not with another me-too device.

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    I agree. I actually prefer Zune Phone over Windows Phone. It is like Windows Live Search %&$^%&*^%$#*. Eventually they gave up and Bing. Although most people call it WinPhone now.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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