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Windows Phone 7 market place - html App landing page

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    On itunes store each of the App has their own html based landing page which is viewable in normal browser without having to install Itunes ( which my opinion many niners avoid ) .. the landing page provides quite a exhaustive information about the product including screenshots"> 


    Whereas on Windows Phone 7 App market place, a app URL requires you to install Zune Software otherwise it even doesn't show the minimum information about the app

    For exmaple : a app developed by ninerleeappdalec‚Äčom

    doesn't show any information but just shows "you are on way to Zune" ...with Zune download links ... for that matter even if the id is is wrong it doesn't inform the user ..

    One of the major problems with this approach is even search engines are not able to Index the information about the app and its contents .. Hence while apple manages to free indexing for their apps .. poort WP7 developers dont

    In my opnion it should not be a major task to build such page for Zune maketplace team ... or is it due to internationlization concerns thats stopping them from doing such landing pages ... ?? 

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    @xgamer: FWIW, you can use Bing to search for apps. Each app does have a landing page, but the URL for the page isn't static, unfortunately. It's a URL based on the current ranking in the category.

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    Sorry that Bing Visual Search did not cross my mind

    However, the bing search is  incomplete as its only shows the recently indexed ( which currently seems to be 13th april 2011 ) and  information is not in a  easily text searchable format ( i know there is a alphabetic and category .. but what if its just name of app i know ) ..

    Also I picked a random app from the visual search

    and if i search the same on bing  " Air Horn app" or any other combination thereof on bing,  it does not show the visual search result or wp7 search result. .. instead it shows the itunes as the first result.

    The bing visual search .. which in my opinion is a proprietary data search .. makes the data unavailable for other search giant google ...

    I think if MS wants to make "Discoverability" of windows phone 7 apps great ( as they indicated in Mix11 key note ) .. they should ideally provide a proper app landing page for apps which can be viewed from any person irrepective of whetther they installed Zune or they are from other platforms ... just my 2 cents ...

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    I think this is a good point - have you considered rasing it at ?

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    Thanks for pointing out the URL. I was not aware of it.

    I have added the request at

    But i am not sure whether MS Wp7 team checks it out .. cos .. many of them requests though fulfilled has not been categorized as completed.  

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