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Windows Phone 7.5/8 - missing feature or just hidden?

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  • LoadTitan



    I've bough my daughters a Windows Phone each, just before Christmas, both on a cheap contract (in the UK). The phone contract allows upto 100Mb of data download per month. On their older Android phones it was possible to download an app that would monitor and limit their download's every month to just 100Mb, ensuring they didn't go over their limit and be charged for it.

    You guessed it! Is there anything similar for Windows Phone (7.5)?

    Thanks for your help


  • wkempf

    Depends. Microsoft is rolling out "Data Sense" ( for this, but it depends on device and carrier at the moment, AFAIK.

  • LoadTitan


    that sounds perfect. Now, if only some UK providers supported it (and it was going to be in WP 7.8).


  • wkempf

    Long plan is it will be on all WP8 devices, we just don't know the schedule for it. We also don't know anything more than rumors about what's going to be in WP7.8, but honestly, I'd say there's a fair chance for this one.

  • GoddersUK

    If they have Nokia phones you can get the Counters app which, as its name suggests, counts such things. It can't yet do automatic cut offs or anything like that though...

    (p.s. have you considered whether Pay and Go may be a better option - at that level of data usage it would be competitively priced to a contract with the added benefit that you can't get a nasty surprise on the bill at the end of the month. It's a low tech solution but very effective (plus if they want more data they can easily just pay for more). Also some networks (Tesco, for instance) will cap contracts. ie. they cut services at their end once the monthly bill reaches a certain level.)

  • LoadTitan

    @GoddersUK: Counters, I had forgot about that.

    They are both on contracts as it was cheeper to do that as they get unlimited (or 500) text per month - and you know how many txt's these 'young uns' send Smiley


  • cheong

    It's pity that Nokia still haven't updated "Counters" to support other resolutions. My Lumia 920 can't install that because it says it requires WVGA(480x800) resolution.

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