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    ,TommyCarlier wrote

    The reason I haven't been very active on C9 (or my blog) is that I'm a bit fed up with the entire IT culture, the little fights, the cynicism, the different camps (or should I say tribes), the egos, …

    It has taken the fun out of programming for me. My hobby projects are rusting on my hard drive, my desire and drive to create is currently on hold. I try to find my happiness elsewhere now, I've just started my second year learning Italian, and my second cooking course (this time Italian cuisine). I still follow all the trends, still read the blogs, and the twitter-sphere. But I stopped caring or taking sides, it's just not worth it anymore.


    Tribalism is human nature, it's in our DNA, refined after tens of thousands of years of constant warfare and natural selection.

    Add in tens (or even hundreds) of billions of dollars if one tribe wins over another, and you have the computer industry.

    As for myself, I identify with FOSS and Linux tribe then the Microsoft and properitary tribe. Mostly because I think FOSS will be better for society then everything being closed source and unavailable for modification. I don't see any profit incentive for myself if FOSS wins more battles. In fact, I think it might have an overall negative effect on my salary. But I care dearly about the future of technology, and that's the only reason I become a software developer. We still have so much left to do.