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View Thread: Windows Phone Development goes VB.Net!
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    ,PerfectPhase wrote

    All the BASIC languages I grew up with ZX81/BBC/Amiga all had GOSUB-RETURN.

    Anyway I am in a way greatful that I started with basic and progressed through c, pascal, c++ etc.  I always felt it gave me a much better appreciation for each improvement in the language.

    I wonder, if in the future Funtional programing will rule and people will look back and pitty those of us that learned OO first.

    I pretty sure the only rule of software development is adapt or die.


    As they should. Surely it's kind of difficult to wrap your head around functional programming after being exposed to so much imperative programming. And no I don't mean understand what  functional programming is, but actually program non-trivial stuff with something like Haskell. You have to unlearn a lot. We have corrupted by dishonest languages to write dishonest code.