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View Thread: Windows Phone Development goes VB.Net!
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    ,hordak3000 wrote

    When will Visual Basic finally get canned forever. Keeping Windows Phone Development C# only might have been a good chance to force some developers to move on and finally leave the 90ies behind.


    It seems to me you are still in the 90's. .net was released the 00's. 

    vb has this stigma as when think vb it is automatically associated with vb6, and the horrible kludges and hacks that were used.  Using C# does not necessarily make you a better programmer, I've seen WTF code in other languages. So why pickout VB.NET? 

    Since the CLR cares only about IL, not what language it was written in.

    So I ask you in technical terms what benefits would using C# bring when VB.NET can do 99.99% of what C# can do? And 0.01% it can't, what use is it in Line Of Business apps?

    I like the Syntactic sugar of XML Literals, it makes a hell of a lot easier to read and understand. 

    I praying for the day that all angled brackets language (XML, XAML etc) are unified under a common base that can utilised by the same mechanism that powers XML Literals. 

    Imagine the power and jealousy it would reek.


    On IPhone Development what about using Mono?