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    procedure Absmax(a) Size:(n, m) Result:(y) Subscripts:(i, k);
        value n, m; array a; integer n, m, i, k; real y;
    comment The absolute greatest element of the matrix a, of size n by m 
    is transferred to y, and the subscripts of this element to i and k;
    begin integer p, q;
        y := 0; i := k := 1;
        for p:=1 step 1 until n do
        for q:=1 step 1 until m do
            if abs(a[p, q]) > y then
                begin y := abs(a[p, q]);
                i := p; k := q
    end Absmax

    Algol 60 Dijkstra favourite Programming language. (very basic like)

    If wasn't Sophie Wilson writing a simulation of the ARM Chip in 1982-ish, Apple's IPhone & Microsoft's Window Phone would have their CPU. Instead of slating basic, you should be paying homage to it.