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Windows Phone Mango : How to send / write to remote sql database ?

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    I got some ideas on building a socialize App. But i've being searching for some guide and sample on how to submit / write / send to remote sql database. All that i got is SQL CE local database, WebClient to read, HTTP to stream. None found for how to write onto remote database / SQL database. I think it should be simple and easy, but again, i'm a newbie in WP7 development and i have several great app idea to start with. Those app idea need a write / submit / post to remote database / SQL feature / function. Hope there to get some guide and sample on how to do this. Your help is really appreciated. Wink

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    Do you have a web service already? The data should be hosted on the internet first. Originally I would recommend looking into SkyDrive to have data stored in the cloud, but, since your idea is a social app, you need your own web service for this.

    I haven't done it, but, it would be simply using ASP .NET Web Pages, and based on the URL (I believe that's what they call REST URL), you can return XML and Images to your Mango. Wait for other replies, I am just doing a small brainstorming.

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