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View Thread: Windows Phone Marketplace Account Notice – IP Violation Warning
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    , Ian2 wrote



    2. The email came from so pretty sure it is legit.  I am more than happy to remove anything that breaks any kind of copyright but it would help to know what that might be in the first instance.

    4. Good idea, thanks.


    In all honesty I make so little money from Windows Phone Apps that it is no big deal to remove any offending material (or even complete Apps). 

    really ... get in touch with MS and check with them.

    also I find it very strange that they send an email saying you have a problem with IP but not tell you what app is the one that is getting the complaints.  and do double check the email ... I have seen some fake emails in the past that looked really good - hard to see the fake unless you look at the source of the email.  and the from address can be totally fake, just cause it says reply to and from does not mean it came from that address or domain.