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View Thread: Windows RT and Surface in Best Buy
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    In 2012 Microsoft parted with Sinofsky and the Start button. Systemic failure ain't pretty, but it can be exciting to watch. It might be possible for Microsoft to beat Apple to the punch, and release a TV. The combination of XBOX + Kinect is much more compelling than the current Apple TV gizmo.

    The standalone media device is all but dead, with the exception of the Nintendo DS. Amazon, is doing an amazing job at creating hardware that they can sell at a loss. Google still rules search, and crapy phones. Samsung makes much of this fabulous stuff, with the exception of their own phones which feel sluggish and very much like cheap plastic. RIM has managed to stay in business, for now.

    What really boggles my mind, is that in five years everything is going to have a touch enabled computer in it whether it needs it or not. Washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, refrigerators, light switches, cameras, carpet cleaners, cars, car seats, watches, health monitoring devices, gas station pumps, restaurant tables, TV remotes, TVs, security systems, baby monitors, thermostats, radios, games, airplane seats, you-are-here kiosks, coffee makers, and all kinds of stuff that hasn't been invented yet will need a touch screen, and will get hacked by a twelve year old with nothing better to do than make your life a living hell.

    And you think BestBuy is having problems now?