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    Yeah.  This is another one of those things that really leaves the impression that Windows 8 was released before it was ready.  Microsoft needed to absolutely nail the touch experience to perfection but it's clear the actual Metro apps they launched with just weren't ready. If you're coming from behind (as they are relative to the iPad), your v1 product can't be less featureful than the competitor's v1 product from 3 years ago.

    Server 2012 has the same sort of rushed feel about it.  Technologically, Server 2012 is a masterpiece, but in terms of getting the word out effectively about what's new, what's amazing and what's important to learn, the training and documentation material has lagged waayyyy behind the release schedule.  Try searching for an important new feature like Storage Spaces on Bing.  You don't get Microsoft documentation at all..... you just get blog posts and news articles from a full year ago.  This just isn't right.