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    I frequent the local Best Buy to check out the latest Windows 8 offerings. Here's what I've seen consistently over the past 8 weeks:

    • A slew of what look like retro-fitted Win7 machines all running Windows 8. Most of them are not touchscreens.
    • In 8 weeks I have only seen one other person looking at any of the Win8 machines. 1!!! He was speaking with a sales rep and overhearing their conversation they both couldn't understand why they would need to touch their home computer. The sale was not made.
    • Right next to the 30 or so Win8 machines is a little iPad stand. There were always a group crowded around it. Never saw less than 4 people in 8 weeks.
    • There has only been one Samsung Windows RT tablet on sale. It has never turned on (as if the battery is dead) except for one time when it was stuck in some bios post test.
    • Today I finally heard that they were selling the Surface. I was hoping to see at least a nice display on the end of an isle. After searching through the entire store, I inadvertently found it mixed in with the cell phone cases and chargers! The tablets are on the other side of the store! No signs and no clear indication what the Surface even was. The only indication was the model number on the price tag. WTH!? It was the strangest display of a product and this is supposed to be Microsoft's new baby. They can create a presence in Times Square but can't get Best Buy to display their products correctly?

    What is Microsoft thinking??? This is the strangest launch of Windows I have ever seen. Based on how much money they are supposedly spending on the launch marketing, the results make no sense to me.