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Windows Server 2012 Essentials book

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    I am planning to upgrade our office server with WS 2012 Essentials this spring, but I would like to read about the OS ahead to better plan for the required network changes, etc. (ideally, I would like to install it on a virtual machine to move it more easily to another hardware if required). Being a workplace, I don't have much time for testing and fiddling once it is installed...

    Does anyone know if a book about WS 2012 Essentials is going to come out any tome soon? I don't seem to find any info on the internet... thanks

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    I searched the Safari Library Library "rough cuts" (manuscripts that are developed but not yet published) and found nothing.

    The following isn't a rough cut and it isn't what you requested but, it is all I found. Best of luck!

    Windows Server 2012: Up and Running

    By: Samara Lynn

    Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.

    Publication Date: 07-DEC-2012

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    @ScottWelker: thank you, I will keep looking.

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