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    , wkempf wrote

    @W3bbo: The "fondling" comment is a little creepy. I know what you meant, but you could have chosen your words better Smiley.

    The "styluses just don't work" comment is flatly wrong. The stylus is precisely what you want for specific scenarios. I'll agree that simple touch interfaces cover much more territory and is preferred most of the time, but to ignore the stylus and handwriting recognition I think is just as short sighted. Personally, I'm hoping the new tablets are designed for touch, but continue to support the stylus and handwriting recognition.

    But I really do mean it. I used to use a Microsoft Tablet PC too (Tecra M4, 2006 to 2010) and I found it too fiddly, too inaccurate (especially for handwriting recognition), and too prone to getting lost.

    With my iPad, I can type on the fingerboard much faster than I could do handwriting recognition (and with fewer errors), I can do doodles to a fair degree of precision with my fingers, and the widgets are purpose-designed for the "2-foot experience". Try using a 16px-wide Windows scrollbar with a stylus. Handwriting recognition only works for a small subset of society who have legible handwriting (I can't say my regular TPC use improved my handwriting at all), for the rest of us it's just a waste of time (and as I said, the keyboard is faster and more accurate).

    Styluses are good for professional illustration, but you don't do that on an A5-sized pane of glass.