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Windows Upgrade

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  • oniexn

    Last Oct. 26 2012 Microsoft launched their windows 8 Pro. Although, I know how windows is user friendly in people and price is reasonable yet upgrading to windows 8 Pro is something to carefully think of. Now, I wanted to know if anyone upgraded their windows from windows 8pro and if is it easier to use than windows7

  • Ian2

    @oniexn:Yes, I have upgraded and have found it to be easier to use than Windows 7 provided that you are happy to embrace the new Apps and interface.

  • spivonious

    @oniexn: No problems at all. Upgraded from Win7 Home Premium. The new interface stuff takes a few days to get used to, but that's in every variant of Windows 8, not just Pro.

  • Harlequin

    12 year old put it on his machine, upgrade went nice, everything worked after install. Then it did a reboot/"refresh" a little thereafter, and uninstalled all the programs that was on his machine. Was kind of weird, not sure what the happy path to that was.

    Just not sure if I can put the same Pro upgrade on my computer, how many machines a license handles.

  • spivonious

    @Harlequin: I believe the upgrade license is limited to one machine. You can put it on yours, but only after removing it from your son's.

  • Harlequin

    Gotcha. Guess it's also cheaper buying online. Think it's $40 online and was $60 or so when I bought it in Future Shop.

    Does suck they don't have a family/home package like they did for Windows 7, that was damn handy.

  • magicalclick

    If you want easy, you are better off with Win8 RT, not Pro. Free from virus worries and you don't have to  don't think about app installation and etc.

    If you want to work with legacy apps like Win7 apps, I personally think the desktop experience is left to be desired, because the taskbar is not updated to work with metro apps. If you want to incorporate your metro experience on you beloved taskbar, it is not supported.

    As for apps, some are better, like metro photo with SkyDrive build-in. But metro mail sux compare to Live Mail which allows you to convert an email into event easily. Also you cannot do many things on metro mail because it is not build for Hotmail, aka create new calendar and etc.

    Casual free games on metro is great. Free fun games installed effortlessly without worrying spyware and etc.

    It is easy until you want to use advanced features such as backup, which has like 7 different offerings buried deep inside in either metro settings or desktop control panel. Reset is exclusive to metro settings. 

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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  • DCMonkey

    Yeah, it's also easy until you want advanced features like listening to a video (like music off of Youtube or the Build session videos on this site) in Metro IE10 or the Videos app while using the Start Screen or other Metro apps. If you find yourself doing that, you'll want to steer clear of Win8 or stick to desktop apps.

    PS: I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but judging from his profile page, I'm pretty sure the OP is just SEO spam.

  • kettch

    @DCMonkey: It's annoying that you can't do that. However, it seems to me that it's just a matter of IE, the Video app, etc registering themselves as a background audio source. I don't think it's impossible, it just hasn't been done yet.

  • Craig_​Matthews

    , magicalclick wrote

    As for apps, some are better, like metro photo with SkyDrive build-in.

    I guess "All Hail SkyDrive" but the Photos apps still doesn't see any pictures that are on my fully indexed photos share on my 2008 R2 Server which is included in my Pictures library.

  • evildictait​or

    , magicalclick wrote

    If you want easy, you are better off with Win8 RT, not Pro. Free from virus worries ...

    Say whut?

  • JoshRoss

    @evildictaitor: From what I can tell, most of the drugs consumed are consumed in California. Any who...

    Things to note:

    1) When I upgraded a Windows XP computer, not one application was migrated.
    2) You can easily use Windows 8 without significant use of the crazy start screen.
    3) $40 for Windows 8 Pro is a steal.
    4) If you add media center, your computer will suddenly restart.


  • spivonious

    @JoshRoss: To be fair, the Media Center installer does warn that your PC will restart and that you should close open applications before starting it.

  • oniexn

    Sorry for being away for few months. I have read all your experienced about windows 8pro and it is easier for me to decide. Thank you!

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