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    If you want easy, you are better off with Win8 RT, not Pro. Free from virus worries and you don't have to  don't think about app installation and etc.

    If you want to work with legacy apps like Win7 apps, I personally think the desktop experience is left to be desired, because the taskbar is not updated to work with metro apps. If you want to incorporate your metro experience on you beloved taskbar, it is not supported.

    As for apps, some are better, like metro photo with SkyDrive build-in. But metro mail sux compare to Live Mail which allows you to convert an email into event easily. Also you cannot do many things on metro mail because it is not build for Hotmail, aka create new calendar and etc.

    Casual free games on metro is great. Free fun games installed effortlessly without worrying spyware and etc.

    It is easy until you want to use advanced features such as backup, which has like 7 different offerings buried deep inside in either metro settings or desktop control panel. Reset is exclusive to metro settings.