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View Thread: Windows Virtual PC -- The Instructions Require an Update
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    Recently I was assigned to create an application that takes its input via HTTP from an application that has been cultivated to operate with the latest Windows operating system release that is available within the developers section of my employer's business:  XP.  Since my computer runs Windows 7 Ultimate, and only with great difficulty anything earlier, I decided to use Windows Virtual PC and run XP under it.  This is termed Windows XP Mode under Windows 7.  In this way I am able to run the application that supplies my application with its input via their application's Web Server.  Out of the box, Windows Virtual PC does not play nicely with the other computers on my LAN. The default Windows XP Mode setting was, in my humble opinion, ill-chosen.   How to configure the problem away should be prominently stated but isn't.  So here I am to give you the low down.  Others have tried and failed to give the correct answer (see Google).  Dell's premiere support service guy in a city 300 km south of Bangalore didn't give the correct answer either.


    Configuring Windows XP Mode Networking to Be a Presence on Your LAN

    If you logon under James then using Windows Explorer,  open the folder

    C:\Users\James\Virtual Machines

    on the real machine (the one that hosts the virtual machine).  Right click on the shortcut to the VM and click on Settings.  Find Networking/Network Adapters in the table and change the setting on the virtual NIC to the name that matches the NIC hardware (e.g. RealTek) in the real (host) machine.  Reboot and perform IPCONFIG /ALL on the VM to see that the VM has been assigned an IP address on the same network as the real machine. (11/12/10)   Big Smile