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    @DeathBy​VisualStudio: Are you the sort who walks up to a McDonalds at 3am on Christmas Day... sees that the lights are off and no one there, pulls on the door then starts screaming "Oh my god! McDonalds is failing! McDonalds is obviously getting out of the food business as they are not serving me exactly what, how and when I want! The fact that this store is closed proves it!"... never mind the fact it's 3am... and on a holiday they will likely be closed during.

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    So do you just ignore Microsoft actions and assume because Microsoft isn't making statements about them that everything is just rainbows and sunshine?

    I seem to be getting hoarse repeating myself as you clearly aren't listening. I have seen no actions that are a definite sign that the desktop is dead... NONE.

    You also forget the fact that this company (like most) tend not to announce every manner of detail about the future months or years in advance... or did I miss the Microsoft branded truck with the megaphone driving around yelling "Ding dong the desktop is dead!"? I've seen many strange and/or interesting sights in Redmond (the Warthog, SteveB, third party companies flying aircraft trailing banners over campus to try to convince us to buy this or that, life size statues of gaming characters (and much more))... but still not that.

    It's pretty clear they've ceased priniciple development of WPF/SL.

    Not being on the WPF or SL team...  I wouldn't be able to comment.

    If I take your line of reasoning I'd still be recommending those technologies be used for our customer's projects. If Microsoft isn't going to continue to invest in something then I'm not going to recommend it to customers.

    Is the Win32 API dead? It occurs to me that we've not heard much news out of that area. OMG! Win32 programming is dead!!! Quick! Tell the Office and Visual Studio teams to stop whatever they are doing as it is obviously pointless!

    It seems to me your version of rational thinking amounts to closing one eye and plugging one ear.

    One who rejects rational thinking might come to that conclusion... yes. Again I remind you of developers. It would be a strange world of Microsoft were to remove the desktop from Windows and suddenly prevent developers from developing for and on their platform.

    No news isn't necessarily good news.

    Correct... but no news is also by definition 'no news'... and making crap up is even less news.