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    , dahat wrote


    Again... an absence of a specific statement does not indicate the opposite... and no matter how much trolling you do doesn't change it.

    If you wanted to get really conspiratorial... why expand your paranoia to something like:


    Just a little bit of rational thinking is far better at making predictions than what we are seeing from you here.

    So do you just ignore Microsoft actions and assume because Microsoft isn't making statements about them that everything is just rainbows and sunshine? It's pretty clear they've ceased priniciple development of WPF/SL. If I take your line of reasoning I'd still be recommending those technologies be used for our customer's projects. If Microsoft isn't going to continue to invest in something then I'm not going to recommend it to customers. 

    It seems to me your version of rational thinking amounts to closing one eye and plugging one ear. No news isn't necessarily good news.