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    , kettch wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: There is no evidence that the desktop is going away. It will continue to devolve, but the concept will remain. I never said anything about XP.


    There, I fixed that for ya.

    , evildictait​or wrote


    The words I object to there are "move away from". Sure, you can't develop for desktop on the Surface - but you never could. Microsoft has never had an offering on the tablet where you could write normal Win32 apps. On your laptops and tower PCs, sure, Microsoft would like you to use their new WinRT stuff. They'd also like you to host it all in Windows Azure,  and then write a powerpoint presentation all about it and send it to your friends via Skype and (lol).

    You can develop desktop apps for Surface Pro and any of the Windows 8 tablets and convertibles. The rest I can agree with and is damn funny.

    Point is that Microsoft is obviously pushing its new features - but that's not to say you can't use the old ones. It's like electric cars. They have a market - and there's some stuff they obviously do better than petrol ones (like noise and local air pollution), and if you're the type of person that really wants an app in the Windows Store or to see what programming looks like when everything is async/awaited, dive in and have fun in WinRT-land.

    Not quite right; while there is some effort to push electric cars ( ~ W8 Store Apps) the vast majority of dollars and effort is going into petrol cars (~ Windows desktop). Of course with Windows we see exactly the opposite with most of Microsoft's efforts going into W8 Store Apps/environment and next to nothing going into the desktop other than moving its features over to the prior. IMO this isn't a temporary big push for Microsoft. It's their future and they leave everything else is left to rot. Sure you can use it but don't expect Microsoft to go out of their way to make it better or easier.

    For everyone else (that's right - all 99.9999% of you right now, and maybe, one day, only 90% of you), keep using the desktop. That's where heavy lifting has always been, and will continue to be for the forseeable future. Your games, office, LOB apps, processing apps, 3D modelling apps - let's face it - everything useful is likely to still be on the desktop - possibly with "readonly" or "management summary" type Metro apps coupled with it.

    Metro is cool. It's swishy, it's got lots of nice features, it's a really nice platform. But it's not a replacement for the Desktop. It's an addition to it.

    And that's what's so frustrating about this Apple-envy approach Microsoft is taking; they ignore the masses in hopes to become the popular kid on the block in the consumer space.

    Just like WinRT isn't replacement for WPF/SL it's and addition to it. So where's the roadmap for WPF/SL hiding again? Perplexed