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    , evildictait​or wrote


    There's only so much "OMG aren't Microsoft crap - not supporting their software that I bought 8 years ago - WOW ANOTHER iPHONE!" that you can take before you just give up and say "Sod it. If the market wants shiny toys instead of stable and consistent platforms, then shiny toys they shall have".


    So? Then Microsoft is USELESS, quite simple as that. Apple isn't even the market leader in phones since quite some time. Not everyone wanted Apple (actually the majority doesn't) and the old Microsoft was a viable competitor. If MS becomes MicroApple, then they become redundant and without ANY purpose.

    Why take a wanna-be, enraged with envy, who is taking a huge dump on its existing customers who were accustomed to a entirely different culture,  when you can get the original?

    What purpose does NuMicrosoft serve? If at least the prices would be different, but no, quite the opposite, all their "devices" ape Apple too. You cannot out-Gucci Gucci, forget it.

    This new Microsoft is without any purpose and reason. Born out of envy, snide, and malice towards the "stupid" public and their own customers. It's doomed to fail. Nothing good can come out of such mindset.