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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    Entirely in the realm of possibility. Especially if we are talking about the time-frame of the next decade.

    Really? Then you'll obviously believe anything... lets try another wild and made up claim (much like virtually every word you've said here):

    I heard... that the upcoming Xbox announcement is just about a new 'XDrone' feature in the Xbox that enables it to target inferior gaming consoles as well as terrorists for missile attacks. I think it's irresponsible that Microsoft and Rand Paul haven't come out and addressed the rumors I just started and indicated whether or not this feature can be disabled or not... because I don't want to have to deal with coming home to find the remains of my wife's Nintendo WII in a smoking crater.

    The regular Small Business Server was killed after Office 365 was set-up. Microsoft gave a huge middle-finger to all the protests and objections.

    It's so much fun hearing you spout lies about things you obviously know little about.

    I'll tell you a little secret... I was on the HSBS (Home and Small Business Server) team for a bit.

    What exactly do you call 'regular Small Business Server'? If you mean the version that came with Exchange & SQL server in the box... those features were removed prior to Office 365 being setup... in fact, the announcement you were hyper-ventilating about was more of a re-branding.

    Have you tried Windows Server 2012 Essentials? I have... it's just like Windows Small Business Server 2011 (which I helped build)... only it runs on Server 2012 and has some additional features (including Office 365) *gasp*!

    Wait... they only really renamed the product?

    Of course... none of this is new... you've also been screaming about how WPF is dead... and yet it was obviously updated in the 4.5 .NET framework (as well as Windows 8/2012)... I wonder what other 'facts' you are making up?