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    , evildictait​or wrote


    To be clear: Microsoft's decision to concentrate more on shiny toys and less about having a stable platform is not just following in Apple's footsteps. Google are just as guilty of that as anyone in the tech industry - hence why they only support today's release of Google Chrome, and don't give you an option to go back to the old Gmail.

    Anyone in the industry? I don't see IBM or Oracle going this path. Microsoft is as much related to these companies as to Apple and Google. It was Microsoft's decision to play in the enterprise and consumer worlds, so they can't just go all-hipster with their core products and expect everyone will swallow their envy-run.

    Oh and Google is more akin to the old Microsoft than to Apple. Android has all the ingredients that made Windows successful: It's open where it counts, there are no forced appstores and the users are basically free to do with it what they want and install what they want. It's extremely feature rich. It has a attracted a huge enthusiast scene around it, with lots of mods, styles and themes available for it. And it is the market leader.  

    Compare that to Windows Phone: Locked down, no easy sideloading, forced store, forced 30% cut for developers, no way to modify the UI, still lacking the basic features its predecessor had (VPN, Outlook sync). In short: A product born out of envy for Apple. And it's having the marketshare it deserves as a result. I am sure,  if Microsoft didn't trash Windows Mobile, but facelifted it instead, it would have been more successful than this knock-off. The GUI came from Zune, all the rest is Apple-envy.

    Outlook sync is probably withheld on purpose to encourage cloud offerings. Google's Android plays better with Microsoft products than Windows Phone. The Android flagship, Galaxy S4, has removable batteries and an SD-slot. The Windows Phone flagship, Lumia 920, of course doesn't. After all, the iPhone is without these too. The world would probably implode if NuMicrosoft wouldn't ape every single Apple-restriction.

    MS trying to out-Apple Apple is like Ford seriously trying to out-Lamborghini Lamborghini. It's classic cargo cult strategy; they have no idea why things work as they do and are performing bizarre rituals that superficially resemble the work of others, while waiting for the promised results that will never materialize.

    , evildictait​or wrote


    Sorry. Once you said NuMicrosoft, I stopped reading. Next time, remember that the correct spelling of Microsoft has a dollar sign in it.

    NuMicrosoft doesn't deserve the dollar sign. There is nothing "$" about a business that has succumbed to mindless envy as its primary motivator, with products showing exactly that.