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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    My issue with Microsoft (and interpretation of Apple-envy) is that they want Apple's massive success and they see adopting Apple's arrogant style of "We know better than you" to dictate this curated experience they call "Windows" today as the path to that success. The desktop and desktop technologies also fall victims to that same mentality because those technologies don't provide the shiny they see Apple having success. What's funny is IMO WPF/SL could have provided the shiny but Microsoft's Windows division thought otherwise.

    It pains me to say, but I couldn't agree with you more. On all of those points.

    Part of the problem though is that at the end of day, Microsoft can't sit on the moral high ground with it's 10-year support cycle (yes - XP and IE6 are still supported products until the end of the year, despite 4 major releases since and another due before then - Google doesn't support the Chrome you were running last week, never mind one released 10 years ago).

    If the US had kicked Apple for their stranglehold on its AppStore half as much as Microsoft was kicked for its stranglehold on Windows, or if consumers had decided that "no. I'm not going to buy a new iPhone just because this one is a year old and is no longer supported. In fact - that's completely unreasonable" half as much as Microsoft were berated for "ditching XP" even when Windows 7 was first being launched, then I think the world would be a very much better place.

    Instead of Microsoft saying, "holy crap - Apple are destroying us in the market, we need to up our game and drop all of this expensive stuff like support and multi-year cycles and not taking 30% of everyone's profits that are holding us back", Apple would instead be adopting the "Microsoft way". Your iPhone from 2006 would still work for the next five years, you could write an app and give it to your friend for a fiver without Apple taking a cut, and Google maps would never have disappeared from iTunes to make way for an inferior offering from Apple.

    The problem isn't that Microsoft is being a bad citizen. It's that we as a society and as consumers have failed to incentivize them for being good citizens when they were, or punish others for being bad citizens when they were.

    There's only so much "OMG aren't Microsoft crap - not supporting their software that I bought 8 years ago - WOW ANOTHER iPHONE!" that you can take before you just give up and say "Sod it. If the market wants shiny toys instead of stable and consistent platforms, then shiny toys they shall have".