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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    So? Then Microsoft is USELESS, quite simple as that. Apple isn't even the market leader in phones since quite some time. Not everyone wanted Apple (actually the majority doesn't) and the old Microsoft was a viable competitor. If MS becomes MicroApple, then they become redundant and without ANY purpose.

    To be clear: Microsoft's decision to concentrate more on shiny toys and less about having a stable platform is not just following in Apple's footsteps. Google are just as guilty of that as anyone in the tech industry - hence why they only support today's release of Google Chrome, and don't give you an option to go back to the old Gmail.

    blah blah blah NuMicrosoft blah blah blah

    Sorry. Once you said NuMicrosoft, I stopped reading. Next time, remember that the correct spelling of Microsoft has a dollar sign in it.