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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote

    Apples and oranges much? How much investment is tied to calc.exe? Yes, if they are serious about the desktop, they should frigging show it!
    Would it kill Ballmer if Microsoft would offer a definitive statement that the billions of dollars investment into desktop software and infrastructure around the world is not for nil? That would surely be a change amidst all the "legacy desktop" talk.

    Again... an absence of a specific statement does not indicate the opposite... and no matter how much trolling you do doesn't change it.

    If you wanted to get really conspiratorial... why expand your paranoia to something like:

    Clearly then Microsoft is preparing to kill IIS, SQL Server, SMB and even Windows Server because almost anything you can do on-premises you can now do in the cloud with Azure... Microsoft has said nothing about the ability to host on-premises web sites or servers in the next decade... clearly they are going to kill it!

    Just a little bit of rational thinking is far better at making predictions than what we are seeing from you here.