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With the Kinet mouse cursor

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    I have a question.

    in this cursor program, using the Mouse event absolute to control the X and Y Coordinate.

    How can we use relative to control the Kinect mouse cursor just like we use the mouse?

                                                                                               Please and thanks!

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    Sorry your question does not make a lot of sense. You might need to reword it and also provide more details before I think anyone can provide a meaningful answer.

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    sorry , i'll try to.

    in the code, the coordinate is determined by absolute position. so the mouse is contoled by absolute position.

    if i want to move the mouse just like we usually use on the desk , how can i  write in the C#?

    whether move the mouse by relative position?

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    I don't know anything about the Kinect SDK capabilities but ...

    Use depth to track whether the mouse is on the "desk" or not. Give  the mouse a default starting position on screen. When the mouse hand moves  forward, start tracking relative changes of the mouse hand location and use those changes to calculate the new position of the mouse. When the mouse hand is pulled back, don't change the mouse position. 

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