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Woah, Microsoft is that you? (IE11, TypeScript)

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    1) Is seems, contrary to my initial reaction, that TypeScript is here to stay (I would have bet that GWT, and by association scriptsharp, are more important, but the last Google I/O showed that GWT is on its way to the dustbin. Glad no one is listening to me).

    2) IE11! It's starting to look like IE4. Hey that was a compliment! IE4 was the bestest browser back then. Then Microsoft went on a tangent and decided  to stick it to standards bodies. How many years and tears were lost on account of that? Let's see how it turns out this time.

    Funny, it's Google these days that is acting like the Microsoft of 2003. It took its lead topgun hotshot Lars Bak off v8 and on Dart!!! Let's hope that v8 will stay relevant in these extremely competitive times without its creator Smiley

    Now if only Microsoft would stop abusing the patent system like it does, it would be likeable.

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    I am glad IE team is not listen to C9 and me. By the time I was concerned over Noika WebGL 3D map, my reaction to support WebGL is already too late, I blame slower public information. Defiantly glad they didn't listen to the crusaders talking about nonsense justifications, otherwise IE would lag behind standard even more.

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    @fanbaby: Who are you, and what did you do to our fanbaby?

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    BOOOOOOM! WebGL support in IE official. What now? What now?

    In that content, it feels really nice now to go back all those years and read all the the numerous past WebGL topics we participated in for posterity. Big Smile

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    Likewise the old W8 threads are equally refreshing.

    W8.1 & IE11 - The "I told you so editions". Smiley

    In any case I am happy that Microsoft is finally making changes for the better. Too bad the XBox team got the memo too late.

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    , Bass wrote

    BOOOOOOM! WebGL support in IE official.

    Yea, well, I still WebGL is going to drive a whole new species of browser vulnerabilities.

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