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Wordpress have suspended my blog!

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    Got a bit of a shock when I logged into my Wordpress blog earlier.

    My blog has been suspended.  I fired off the following to Wordpress in response:



    I was alarmed and a little upset to see the following message when logging in to my blog this evening:

    "This blog has been deactivated because we believe it does not comply with the Terms of Service or advertising policy."

    Having reviewed the terms of service and the comments accompanying the above statement I can see no reason why ,y blog has been deactivated.

    Earlier today I applied for a new position and made several references to my own blog postings.  What is my new prospective employer going to think when they see the following message?

    "This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service".

    I am flabbergasted that you have a system in place that deactivates a blog without any warning.

    I would be grateful if you would review the blog and re-instate it as soon as you are able.  I also look forward to learning the reasons for its sudden suspension.

    I am a professional software developer and rely on my blog as one of the streams that demonstrate my professionalism.  Your actions are in danger of causing irrevocable damage to my reputation as well as impacting on future consultancy positions.

    I am flabbergasted that you have a system in place that has the potential to suspend a blog account without any warning.


    It is ironic and frustrating that I have applied for a new position just earlier today and made several references to posts in my blog.

    Anyone have any advice? Needless to say I need the blog re-instated asap  although I am not sure I trust Wordpress any longer.

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    I'm going to take a WAG that it has something to do with your last post about your "Which Diet" app. 

    Maybe you should download WordPress and host the blog yourself.

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    @DCMonkey:Last post would seem logical but I can't see how announcing a new product of my own making compromises any of Word[ress's terms and conditions?

    Here is that post (minus some screen shots of the app):


     I needed to loose a few pounds after Christmas (6 so far!) and found I was a little bewildered by the number and variety of diet programs along with the amount of abstract advice I was being given.

    Now everyone of us is different and for sure there is a diet plan out there that will fit you like a glove  (at least until you lose a few pounds).

    This app covers the popular diet programs of the day and features real people talking about their own experiences with each diet.  The videos range from introductions of what constitutes the diet and how best to start, to peoples' own experiences at various stages in to the diet.

    You can save the most useful videos, reviewing them as often as you like. and new videos are published daily allowing you to follow someone else's' progress (perhaps before 'jumping in' yourself!)

    <Images of App>

    Take a look at the screenshots above or jump straight in and try the App, and good luck with your diet!

    Which Diet - Free ad- supported version.


    The more I think about it the more I figure it must just be a silly mistake on their part?

    Did I miss something you think?

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    A couple of things that crossed my mind were:

    - Maybe they're touchy about diet related posts, seeing as how that is a popular topic for spammers and affiliate marketing. I wouldn't be surprised if it raised red-flags, especially in an automated system.

    - It's not all that clear that you wrote the app, though I suppose in the context of your blog that would be more apparent.

    - That big Nokia logo and phone picture on the side could be construed as a Nokia ad even if it links to your live tile app.

    I get the sense that while they tolerate promotion of a blogger's own products to some extent, they'd rather one didn't conduct business at all on their free hosted service. Hence the suggestion that you host your own blog if it is that critical to your livelihood.

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    Blue Ink

    @Ian2: As I recall, you recently reported an issue with the WP Store due to some alleged copyright infringement. If you did advertise those apps in your blog, or used some screenshots here and there, I guess it's possible that someone complained and got your blog grounded.

    Aside of this, I concur with DCMonkey: a website is just a few pounds these days, and Orchard is your friend...

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    @DCMonkey:  I suspect it is as you suggest some kind of automated check that flagged up on something or other (diet or whatever?) but notwithstanding I find it incredible that such a check isn't monitored by a real person before a suspension is actioned.

    Sill no word from them via their feedback form or from their twitter.

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    @Blue Ink:Yes, I will be going to a paid service after this incident (Orchard looks good).



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    Disappointed, still no word from Wordpress.  I have fired off another tweet to them this morning and the following message via their feedback service:

    I contacted you yesterday via this system and also via Twitter (@wordpressdotcom).  Would you please respond so that I know that there is someone dealing with this issue. 

    As of this morning visitors to my blog are still receiving a message saying that my blog has been suspended.  This looks to be an error. I appear have no way of getting this issue resolved in the short term.

    Could you also advise how I can get my domain name ( moved such that I can begin blogging again.




    Long shot but does anyone know the process for transferring a domain from Wordpress' servers? 

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    Your blog is back Smiley 

    We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.
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    OK, with apologies for posting after my own postings but I finally got this sorted out and got the following message from


    Hi there,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    Your site was flagged by our automated anti-spam controls. We have reviewed your site and have removed the suspension notice.

    We greatly apologize for this error and any inconvenience it may have caused.

    Phil | Automattic Inc.



    Needles to say they won't be getting any more recommendations from me (Ha! That will show them!)

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    @CaRDiaK:Thanks!  Now looking to get it moved somewhere more reliable - let me know if you have any ideas!

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    , Ian2 wrote

    I needed to loose a few pounds ...

    I know I'm being pedantic but... LOSE not LOOSE.

    Once you lose those pounds, your trousers will be loose.

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    Have you thought about setting it up as an Azure Website using either Wordpress or Orchard? It's free (as long as you don't hit a certain amount of bandwidth) and you can be up and running in no time - (I run a few sites like this, including an Orchard site).

    Plus, getting more Azure time for developers like us isn't going to hurt either!

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    , elmer wrote


    I know I'm being pedantic but... LOSE not LOOSE.

    Once you lose those pounds, your trousers will be loose.

    Thanks, I always knew that Grammar school education was wasted.

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    @OrigamiCar:Thanks, it is one of the things on the list now and does look attractive.

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